50 Years of Excellence and More Than 50 Million Made: The Andersen® Narroline® Double-Hung Window

BAYPORT, Minn. (January 2013) – The last Andersen® Narroline® double-hung window rolls off the production line in Bayport, Minnesota, Jan. 31, 2013, marking an end to one of the most successful building products ever produced.

During its 50 year history, more than 50 million Andersen Narroline window units have been installed in homes across theUnited Statesand abroad. Employees and retirees gathered in Bayport this morning to celebrate the Narroline window’s success and its endurance throughout five decades of production.

Andersen will continue manufacturing Narroline® window conversion kits, which feature Andersen 400 Series tilt-wash sash. With millions of units sold, these kits provide the ability for homeowners to upgrade their existing Andersen Narroline windows to new technology without disturbing the frame or interior and exterior trim. Kits include two window sash (upper and lower) with standard, energy efficient Low-E4® glass, left and right jamb assemblies and other components for the conversion. In addition, the installed sash tilt for easy cleaning.

The Narroline window, which rolled out in February 1962, was completely factory assembled, packed two to a carton, and featured primed exterior frame parts. It’s relatively humble beginnings started when then Chief Engineer and head of research and development Vern Fredrickson announced to his small staff of four that he was designing a new Narroline window. Two days later, he handed the sketches over to the product designers to work out the details. In four years, the Andersen Narroline window would become the first clad wood window product ever produced by any manufacturer when Andersen introduced exterior cladding to the industry with its Perma-Shield® cladding system in 1966. “We’ve made product enhancements to the Narroline window since ’66, but it’s pretty much the same window to this day. A work horse — simple design, easy to install and reliable performance” said Pat Vogler, vice president of Operations at Andersen.

But the Narroline double-hung window’s popularity waned as Andersen launched other double-hung products beginning in 1993. Succeeding the Narroline window are the 400 Series tilt-wash double-hung, 200 Series tilt-wash double-hung, Woodwright® double-hung, A-Series double-hung and 100 Series single-hung window products.


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