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Andersen Windows in New Exhibit at National Building Museum

If you’re planning to visit Washington, D.C., in 2018, make sure to check out the National Building Museum’s new exhibit, sponsored by Andersen Corporation.

“Making Room: Housing for a Changing America”, opened Nov. 18 and continues through Sept. 16, 2018. The centerpiece of the exhibit is a 1,000-square-foot home called The Open House, which “features a hyper-efficient layout, movable walls and multi-functional furniture, allowing the space to meet the needs of a variety of today’s growing but underserved households”. The Open House was designed by dynamic architect Pierluigi Colombo.

“Making Room: Housing for a Changing America” portrays the changing demographics and lifestyles which have redefined American households over the decades. From suburbanization to tiny houses to aging in place, the exhibition explores these cutting-edge trends through case studies and The Open House. Andersen® 100 Series products are featured throughout the exhibit.

“It is great to work with the NBM on this important and exciting new exhibit that explores how we are transforming the built home environment and how we will live in the future,” said Joe Pauley, vice president and general manager of our storm door business, and member of the museum’s Board of Trustees.

Andersen has enjoyed a long relationship with the National Building Museum. Former President and CEO Jerry Wulf served on the museum’s board of trustees in the 1990s, and Andersen has helped sponsor at least two other major exhibitions – “Picture This: Windows on the American Home” in 2003 as part of our 100th anniversary, and “Designing for Disaster” in 2014-2015.

MAKING ROOM is sponsored by Andersen, AARP Foundation, Clei, Hufcor, the National Association of Realtors, Neoscape and Resource Furniture. Learn more here.

The Andersen Corporate Foundation is also sponsoring an ongoing exhibit at the museum called “House & Home.”



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Andersen Redefines Boundaries at Greenbuild 2017

Andersen recently attended the Greenbuild International Conference & Expo, held in conjunction with the Architecture Boston Expo (ABX) November 8-10. The event drew more than 15,000 people to the Boston Convention & Exhibition Center.

The theme of this year’s conference was, “We are all in.” Andersen certainly showed its support in helping to lead the transformation in building science and the green building revolution.

Andersen has attended Greenbuild every year since 2001, and our team always looks forward to both learning from other industry leaders and showcasing how Andersen is helping to advance key green building trends within our own products and operations.

Using a series of displays, our 2017 Greenbuild exhibit highlighted how our green products and practices redefine the boundaries of traditional building paradigms, including indoor/outdoor living and sustainable historic renovation projects. The booth featured numerous case studies from our expanded portfolio, such as the Watchcase Factory, in Sag Harbor, New York, and a Net Zero home, in Roseville, Minnesota.

Andersen Director of Sustainability and Environmental Eliza Clark and team moderated two 90-minute education sessions, “Overcoming Obstacles for Net Zero Buildings in Unique Applications,” at the show’s Net Zero Applied Learning Zone.

Twin Cities architect Marc Sloot, of Sala Architects, shared how a combination of solar power, energy efficiency, ENERGY STAR® certified Andersen® windows and green building design resulted in net-zero performance for two Minnesota homes. This presentation was followed by a short video which demonstrated how both homes, including a 107-year-old Victorian remodel, now produce as much energy as they consume, sometimes even more than they use.

Will Ives, an associate principal at Hennebery Eddy Architects in Portland, Oregon, also presented a net positive case study focusing on the Yellowstone Youth Conservation Campus, a 10-building project at Yellowstone National Park in Mammoth, Wyoming. This project is slated for construction in 2018 and is being designed to achieve the stringent Living Building Challenge certification.

Overall, Greenbuild 2017 was a success. “This year’s Greenbuild show gave us the opportunity to showcase the many ways we are helping lead the industry toward healthy, resilient, net zero buildings.” said Eliza. “We’re proud to be a longstanding member of Greenbuild nation!”

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Copy of Copy of Copy of Culture Posts Template

What’s Trending in Green Building?

Eliza Clark, Director of Sustainability and Environmental

Eliza Clark, Director of Sustainability and Environmental

Green building trends continually evolve each year. As we approach Greenbuild 2017, we are looking forward to learning from other industry leaders and showcasing how Andersen is helping to lead and advance some key green building trends within our own company footprint and product portfolio.

In 2016, the dominant theme at Greenbuild was the intersection between sustainability and human health and wellness, reflected in the recent alignment of LEED and WELL certifications. Commercial and residential architects and builders alike are designing buildings with a more holistic approach, encouraging building tenants and homeowners to also prioritize occupant health and wellness in imagining their ideal spaces. So, how far have we come in 2017?

Eliza Clark, Director of Sustainability and Environmental at Andersen Corporation was eager to share her thoughts on the green building trends of 2017.

What are some of the relevant trends you’ve seen in the green building industry this year?

EC: “We are now at the critical point in green building where we can point to sound scientific proof of the positive effects that sustainable and healthy buildings have on individuals and the environment. There are countless case studies that we can learn from and build upon; LEED has advanced to the point where its guidelines have become the norm for new commercial buildings; and society as a whole is poised to achieve faster progress toward combating climate change when we can leverage what we already know as an industry. We are truly on the cusp of an important paradigm shift, and I’m very optimistic that we will see acceleration in environmental impact reduction.”

A huge trend in 2017 that has carried over from recent years is how we make net-zero buildings the norm.

EC: “Andersen was proud to play a key role in the first 18-home ‘Eco Village’ Habitat for Humanity affordable housing project, in River Falls, Wis. We are also excited to showcase two additional net zero case studies at a Lunch and Learn presentation at Greenbuild this year. Will Ives, associate principal of Hennebery Eddy Architects, Inc., will discuss Yellowstone National Park’s Yellowstone Youth Campus, a Living Building Challenge concept/design slotted for 2018 construction and Marc Sloot, associate of Sala Architects, Inc., will discuss Bella Luce, a 107- year old Minneapolis, MN net zero Victorian residential remodel.

What’s new in material transparency?

EC: “This trend is still rapidly growing. At Andersen, we’ve found that architects are requiring a greater level of understanding around the environmental and health impacts of the products they specify. Andersen recently hired a new product sustainability manager, Jon Smieja, to lead our product transparency efforts, and we’re excited to expand this area after being the first in our industry to publish an Environmental Product Declaration (EPD) in 2015. However, there are still many outstanding questions surrounding product transparency. How can we simplify the data so consumers understand the labels? How can industries achieve product transparency in ways that are affordable but that also create meaningful differentiation and product innovation? How do we account for trade-offs in health versus environmental impacts?”

Why are these trends important?

EC: “As I mentioned earlier, we are at a moment in time where green building solutions are proven. We do not have to make the business case for these solutions, or assess the ‘prospect’ of future benefits. So I’m most interested in how we as green building and sustainability experts can broaden the tent and invite more people to the conversation and deploy these solutions to more challenging categories, like existing buildings.

Sustainable buildings do not require sacrificing building aesthetics. We must continue to elevate the conversation about how we make green building more affordable and attainable, and continue to communicate why everyone – consumers and green building leaders alike – should be excited about the intersection between sustainable buildings and human health.”

What do you hope to see in terms of new trends at Greenbuild?

EC: “I’d like to see more focus on connected, “smart” technology in the future; it’s exciting to give people tools that make sustainable living easier and more fun.”

As we enter Greenbuild 2017 with the theme, ‘redefining boundaries’, how do you think Andersen is redefining boundaries?

EC: “We take our role as industry leader very seriously. We offer a broad and diverse portfolio to our customers. We work to ensure that we’re demonstrating integrity and sustainability leadership to our customers and communities. We are redefining boundaries regarding net zero affordability, and we quite literally blur the lines between indoor and outdoor living, improving people’s lives and reconnecting them with nature.”

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Welcome to Andersen, MQ!

Today we are excited to welcome the talent and expertise of our new team members from MQ to our Andersen family.

Excitement filled the room as our CEO Jay Lund, and members of our senior leadership team, welcomed employees of Fenêtres MQ to the Andersen family on Thursday, Oct. 26.

Fenêtres MQ Inc. is a luxury window and door manufacturer headquartered in Sainte-Agathe, Quebec, Canada with manufacturing locations in Canada and Italy. MQ, a private company founded in 1975, specializes in serving the luxury residential and commercial segments and is known for its work on complex, historic renovations of a grand scale.

“There was great excitement for what this could mean for both of our businesses,” Jay said following the employee meeting in Canada. “It’s truly inspiring to see their passion for the business and respect for our business and brand. Their values and culture align so well with ours. It’s about quality, integrity and partnership.”

The acquisition of MQ expands our product portfolio, increases our manufacturing capabilities, and broadens our geographic reach. The MQ brand, a well-respected and highly regarded brand by discerning architects and builders, will complement our Architectural Collection.

The MQ product line includes many product styles, such as contemporary, European, classical, traditional, historic and rustic. MQ’s products are crafted of wood, aluminum-clad wood, bronze-clad wood, UPVC and steel. MQ sells its products in Canada, the United States, the Caribbean and Europe.

Read our latest News Release.

Welcome to the Andersen family!

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Urban Forestry Pic

Planting trees? Yes please!

On Monday, October 23rd, a dozen orange-clad Andersen employee volunteers eagerly helped plant 65 trees at a park in the Minneapolis suburb of Brooklyn Park, the culminating event in a series of urban forestry projects throughout Minnesota led by the NFL, Andersen, Verizon and the MN Super Bowl Host Committee.

Our employees teamed with volunteers from Verizon, Tree Trust and the city of Brooklyn Park to plant the trees. After the day’s planting, 19 varieties of deciduous trees now line the perimeter of Norwood Park, which was hit hard by the Emerald Ash Borer. These new resistant trees will provide shade and beautify the park for decades to come.

Monday’s urban forestry planting event was covered by a variety of Twin Cities TV news stations, including this story by WCCO-TV, the local CBS affiliate.

We have proudly participated in more than a dozen restoration events, which have taken place across Minnesota since May in an effort to leave a “green legacy” lasting long after the Super Bowl is played next Feb. 4 in downtown Minneapolis. Take a look at the infographic below for a summary of the program’s impact.

“Andersen was drawn to the urban forestry program because it aligns with our longstanding value of corporate citizenship, as well as our strategic focus on combating deforestation and promoting habitat restoration and employee engagement,” said Eliza Clark, director of Sustainability & Environmental at Andersen. “We were proud to help identify the right partners and projects across the state of Minnesota, and to support those projects with our funding and the hard work of our employee volunteers.”


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Andersen Hosts Manufacturing Day 2017

Manufacturing is the heartbeat of America’s economy, and a skilled workforce is at the core of manufacturing. It’s one of the components that has made us an industry leader for over 100 years. It’s how we are able to produce beautiful windows and doors that make a difference in people’s lives. In fact, nine years before automaker Henry Ford came up with the idea of standardization, Andersen developed the most innovative and efficient frame distribution method of its time, the “two-bundle” method of packaging, which allowed us to benefit from mass production and the use of interchangeable parts.

To this day, we continue to innovate and help build on our rich, 100-year-plus heritage.

Earlier in October, Andersen welcomed local high school students to our Bayport, Oak Park Heights and Cottage Grove facilities for our Manufacturing Day event. Pre-Engineering students had an opportunity to take a unique, inside look at our facilities and tour our plants for a day. The tours were led by engineers; most of them recent graduates, so that the students could learn firsthand about the tour guides’ experience at Andersen, their educational background and our manufacturing methods.

Are you interested in finding your career home at Andersen? We have several manufacturing opportunities across the country:


Nature Prservation Day

Nature Preservation Day 2017

400 employees. Two weeks. Every manufacturing and retail site across the country.

During the last two weeks of September 2017, employee volunteers from across Andersen Corporation rolled up their sleeves and worked side-by-side to make a difference in their local communities. Volunteers participated in hands-on activities intended to enhance and preserve their local natural environment for years to come.

Andersen launched the Nature Preservation Day volunteering program in 2014 to offer employees an opportunity to step outside their day-to-day work and make a difference. Participants experience the positive impact they can make on the environment by simply spending a few hours outdoors giving back to their community in a focused and meaningful way.

Because of the program’s success and popularity with employees, this year we announced that we were expanding the program to all manufacturing sites and company-owned retail locations. Employees across the U.S. took part in volunteering tasks focus on enhancing local habitats, including invasive species removal, tree planting, park and trail cleanup, park maintenance and rehabilitation. Here are just some of the highlights of our collective impact:

  • Removing 2,255 gallons of trash from local parks
  • Harvesting 20,800 pounds of apples for a local food shelf
  • Removing three miles of invasive species


Snap! Share! Win!

Beautiful natural landscapes and photogenic parks and trails called for some pictures! Employee Kelly Johnson was initially selected as the winner of our annual Nature Photo Contest. Kelly’s photo was used in recruitment communications for each site’s Nature Preservation Day volunteering event this year.

Our employees were also excited to share photos from their volunteering events on social media. Sadie Prise was recognized as publishing the most creative social post, and we think you’ll see why. We’re grateful for all of our employees who share their passion for the environment and making a difference each and every day.


Snap Share Win Winner_

Employee Sadie Prise’s winning photo for our Snap, Share, Win! contest.



Employee Kelly Johnson’s winning Nature Photo Contest photo.



Employees from our Lithia Springs location clear out trash from a local creek.



Renewal by Andersen® employees planting one of 37 trees.



Employees from Luray, Virginia planting a rain garden.


Timothy cleanup

An employee from our Oceanside, CA facility takes a break while hard at work.

Mike Galowitz Fire Truck

Fire Prevention Week: Every Second Counts, Plan 2 Ways Out!

As we begin to seal up our homes and windows and turn on the heat for the winter months ahead, it’s important to have a plan in place when it comes to fire safety and preparedness.

National Fire Prevention Week is October 8-14. The National Fire Protection Association has created this campaign to spread awareness about fire prevention, education, and safety with peers and family members alike. This year’s Fire Prevention Week theme is ‘Every Second Counts, Plan 2 Ways Out!’.

Often, a fire can prohibit a main escape route. The smoke may be too thick in a hallway to escape safely or a fire may break out on a stairwell. While difficult to imagine, these scenarios are important to think about, and it is even more important to plan at least two escape routes. Make sure your family knows at least two ways out of every room in your home. Practice fire drills with everyone in the household—this is the key to being prepared and familiar with your surroundings in the case of a fire. If you have children, make sure to have a conversation with them about safe escape options from your home, rather than focusing on just one way out.

Another important practice to keep in mind is to map out your escape plan. By drawing a map, it brings attention to the purpose of escape planning. Physically drawing a map acts as reinforcement to the agreed upon escape plans, and also acts as a reference to guests who come over in case of an emergency.

Andersen employee Mike Galowitz has been the Assistant Fire Chief at the Bayport, Minnesota Fire Department since 1999. Throughout his many years of service, Mike has many helpful tips. “We as a fire department cannot stress enough the importance of having working smoke and carbon monoxide detectors in the home. Early notification of any emergency situation in the home is key to ensuring families can follow their planned route and escape safely”.

To learn more about Fire Prevention Week, click here.


At the Bayport Fire Department training facility, Mike explains the importance of knowing two separate escape methods during a fire.

Sarah Andersen

Sarah Andersen Offers Historic Insight to Andersen Young Professionals

More than two dozen members of the Andersen Young Professionals Network (AYPN) had the pleasure of spending time Sept. 28 with Sarah Andersen, a fourth-generation Andersen family member and 35-year member of the Board of Directors.

Sarah shared the life story and philosophy of her great-grandfather Hans, who founded the company in 1903 and who shaped the values that still guide Andersen today, including corporate citizenship. She also shared her own story of how she became involved in the governance of Andersen at age 27.

“In 1981, I asked for a seat on the Andersen board for myself or one of my sisters,” she explained. “It was time for the fourth generation to be represented. I got an answer in late 1982 that yes, one of us could serve on the board. (But) my sisters and I would have to work it out. Was this unfair? A test? A refusal to make a choice? Or all of the above? One sister declined. One sister wanted it a lot. Our family hadn’t developed any tools or criteria to make tough decisions like this.

“Finally, my grandmother told us to flip a coin. In January 1983 I was elected to the board. The torch wasn’t passed to me; I decided to take up the torch and continue the family involvement in Andersen.”

Sarah closed with a life lesson she received from a friend:

  1. Embrace tough conversations – it’s how you find common ground.
  2. Take the long view – good outcomes take time.
  3. Bring good spirit to the table – people who laugh together can work together and surmount huge obstacles.


Sarah Andersen


Interns Carpenter Nature Center

Involvement With our Local Environments Comes Naturally at Andersen

Our interns spent this summer developing solutions to challenging problems, working on unique projects, and learning about the opportunities Andersen Corporation has to offer. Each summer, our interns participate in Intern Development Week, a fun and interactive week dedicated to fostering the relationships between interns through networking events, volunteer events and plant tours, as well as introducing them to our some of our core values.

This year, in keeping with our Andersen values such as corporate citizenship and community involvement, Andersen interns volunteered at the Carpenter Nature Center. Located in Hastings, Minn. The Center’s mission is to “foster, appreciate and inspire stewardship of the natural world”. They live out their mission by preserving land and wildlife habitat and providing quality environmental education, conservation practices, and fun outdoor experiences for a diverse range of visitors.

This year, our interns worked with the Carpenter Nature Center to maintain crops in the apple orchard. Interns worked to thin the trees, which avoids stress on the branches which could hinder their growth of fruit.

Another highlight of their day included a visit from Jim Weglewski, Vice President of Enterprise Lean Sigma Quality Systems, and Carpenter Nature Center board member. Jim networked with interns, explained his involvement with Carpenter Nature Center and described his personal connection to the apple orchard itself.

Riley Watson, an engineering intern at Bayport, described the volunteer experience: “It was a great team-building experience and a great way to get to know the other interns.”

While our interns have already completed their summer experience and returned to school, we appreciate their dedication to making the Carpenter Nature Center a beautifully preserved environment that will continue to provide education and outdoor experiences for years to come.

Because protecting the environment and making a difference in the communities where we live and work is important to Andersen, we are participating in our signature sustainability event, Nature Preservation Day. Our employees from 20 plus Andersen facilities are participating in various volunteer events focused on bettering the local environment in a meaningful way. Stay tuned for a recap post coming soon!


Interns Carpenter Nature Center