Environmental Initiative Highlights Andersen as Member of the Month

Andersen is honored to be highlighted as the Member of the Month in July on Environmental Initiative’s website.

This nonprofit organization builds partnerships to develop creative, collaborative solutions to Minnesota’s environmental problems. Among the activities embraced by Environmental Initiative, the organization:

  • Plans and hosts events for environmental leaders from businesses, nonprofits, and government agencies to share information, network, and learn from one another.
  • Facilitates environmental policy conversations between diverse stakeholders.
  • Takes action and implements on the ground environmental projects to improve our air, land, and water.

AndersenCompostBlogAndersen is proud to have been a member of Environmental Initiative for nearly two decades. In that time, Andersen has been a longtime sponsor of their Business and Environment Series and leveraged the support of fellow member organizations to make our own programs, like our newly implemented composting program at our Corporate Administrative Offices, possible.

The summary can be found here.

Aspen Project
Aspen, Colorado
Aluminum Wood Liftslides
In-house advertising, print, web

Andersen Recognizes Colorado Dealer for Best Showroom Experience

Designing the ideal showroom experience for your customers means striking the right balance between offering up any information an architect or homeowner may need without overwhelming the customer to the point of “decision paralysis.”

That is why Andersen takes the time each year to single out a dealer that demonstrates vision and unparalleled excellence in showroom design that helps support the Andersen® brand.

At a recent event, Mountain View Window and Door was given the window company’s 2014 award for best showroom experience. Mountain View offers builders, remodelers and contractors in Denver and surrounding cities world-class, energy efficient Andersen products and outstanding service to their customers.

“We are fortunate to have an incredible network of outstanding dealers representing our brands,” said Sal Abbate, senior vice president, chief sales and marketing officer for Andersen. “The sales experience starts the moment the customer walks in the showroom, and Mountain View has demonstrated the importance of providing a truly innovative sales experience for their customers. Congratulations.”

Private Residence (New Construction) - Orchard Lake, MI.Architect: Dominick Tringali Associates.Builder/Contractor: John Richards Homes.
Picture Windows, Half Circle Units; Inswing Frenchwood Doors; Half Circle Window with Sunburst Grille; Full Circle Window with Colonial Grilles.
Georgian / Federal Home Style
E-Series Architectural Collection

Andersen Recognizes Dealers for Outstanding Sales Performance

Demonstrating a knack for sales doesn’t mean just pushing product. Outstanding sales only grow with careful cultivation tools like listening to understanding the true needs of a project, and then offering a truly thoughtful solution that delivers the best customer value.

That is why Andersen takes the time each year to recognize those dealers that demonstrate unparalleled customer satisfaction, excellence and business success in support of the Andersen® brand.

At a recent event, the following dealers were given awards for their outstanding sales performance in 2014:

East Haven Builders Supply, based in New England

Hines Building Supply, based in Chicago, Illinois

Hiwassee Builders Supply, with locations in Athens, Chattanooga and Knoxville, Tennessee

Loranger Door and Window, based in South Portland, Maine

Quarles Windows, based in Fort Worth, Texas

Southern Lumber & Millwork, based in Charleston, South Carolina

Texas Door & Trim, based in Dallas, Texas

Universal Supply Co, based in Hammonton, New Jersey

Woodhaven Lumber & Millwork, based in New Jersey

Wood Windows, Inc., based in Boise, Idaho

Wyoming Millwork, based in Camden and Milton, Delaware

“We are fortunate to have an incredible network of outstanding dealers representing our brands,” said Sal Abbate, senior vice president, chief sales and marketing officer for Andersen. “Extraordinary sales performance doesn’t happen by accident — but from careful cultivation of builder and customer relationships to understand and respond to their needs. As representatives of the Andersen brand, these dealers have shown the kind of success that is found in providing an exemplary level of service. Congratulations.”

400 Series Woodwright Double-Hung Windows, White
Craftsman Bungalow Home Style

Andersen Recognizes Dealers for Outstanding Customer Service

When it comes to creating a satisfying customer experience, Andersen dealers that go above and beyond supporting their builder customer’s ultimate success are ultimately rewarded with repeat business.

That is why Andersen takes the time each year to recognize those dealers that demonstrate unparalleled customer satisfaction, excellence and business success in support of the Andersen® brand.

At a recent event, the following dealers were among the dealers given awards for their outstanding customer service in 2014:

Southern Lumber & Millwork, based in Charleston, South Carolina

Great Plains Millwork, based in Oakdale, Minnesota

Hancock Lumber, based in Casco, Maine

“We are fortunate to have an incredible network of outstanding dealers representing our brands,” said Sal Abbate, senior vice president, chief sales and marketing officer for Andersen. “Treating customers well and earning their trust is the cornerstone of any successful company. As representatives of the Andersen brand, these dealers have demonstrated the importance of providing an exemplary level of service to customers. Congratulations.”


In Their Words: How Andersen® Windows with Stormwatch® Protection Help Brian Penschow’s Customers In Any Weather

Every region in the country has building codes designed to help homes and businesses withstand much of what Mother Nature can dish out year after year.

We were reminded recently of how fierce these storms can be when a weather system brought a blizzard to much of New England. Coupled with hurricane-force winds, the storm damaged homes and encased most everything in a thin coating of ice after a coastal storm wall was breached near Marshfield, Massachusetts.

Brian Penschow, an architect with Lawrence S. Schreiber AIA, saw firsthand the dramatic advantage a well-designed and built home has to withstand storm damage in extreme conditions.

Penschow inspected homes damaged by Hurricane Sandy along the New Jersey shore in his official role of an inspector for the State of New Jersey. He also offered recommendations for rebuilding homes that would be capable of withstanding severe weather in the future. In this video, he explains why Andersen® windows and doors with Stormwatch® protection are an important and essential specification for coastal homes:…

Visit our website to learn more about our Stormwatch products.  See your local code official for building code requirements in your area.


Stormwatch® Windows Help Preserve the View in Golf Magazine’s Ultimate Dream House

While some may dismiss golf as “a good walk spoiled,” anyone who’s ever designed a home near a golf course – or lived in one, for that matter – will quickly point out the risks of a lovely view spoiled by an errant, airborne golf ball.

At Talis Park, a golf course community in Naples, FL, designers were concerned with a double-threat: hurricane-force winds and golf balls. When designing an Ultimate Dream Home for Golf Magazine, the best solution came from Andersen® 400 Series windows with Stormwatch® protection.

Read here for more about how Andersen windows fit a unique need that will help this dream house remain the ultimate dream house for many years to come.

An "after" shot of the Dynamic Green Home

Dynamic Green Homes Prove that Green Housing Doesn’t Have to Cost More

Andersen is proud to be a 10-year Founding Partner in the Minnesota Chapter of the U.S. Green Building Council. While many are familiar with USGBC-MN’s conferences and continuing education, only a few know about their innovative program for residential markets that we’re honored to support.

The Dynamic Green Home Project was launched in 2012 to provide a way for volunteers to help repair and restore foreclosed and abandoned homes while learning about green, healthy and sustainable building techniques from industry experts.

We’ve learned through projects like Dynamic Green Home and Habitat for Humanity’s Eco Village in River Falls, Wisc., that low-to-moderate income home buyers have the most to gain from a healthier home with a low cost of homeownership.  Dynamic Green Home sets the example of how to:

1.  Restore existing housing stock, while reducing the amount of energy required and waste generated during tear-down and reconstruction;
2.  Apply simple, cost effective changes to make homes healthier, and more efficient without dramatically increasing the price tag; and
3.  Partner with the local community developer to allow a team approach: supplementing general contractors and skilled labor with industry experts, volunteers and donated products.

The program relies on volunteer hours as well as in-kind donations. However, Dynamic Green Home program managers want to do more than exchange products and services for recognition. Organizers also want to make sure each step in the process is a learning opportunity to make homes healthier and more environmentally sound:

  • Volunteers get to both work with, and be educated and coached by, industry experts — turning a day of labor into a learning experience that can be applied to their own homes.
  • Industry experts can showcase their talent and expertise to audiences that want to learn about healthy, affordable home design, products and techniques.
  • Community developers receive much needed help with unskilled labor and donated materials to help keep costs down.

Lastly, the neighborhood is improved by converting vacant, vandalized and abused structures into healthy, efficient homes for low income families.

The Dynamic Green Home "before"

The Dynamic Green Home “before”

An "after" shot of the Dynamic Green Home

An “after” shot of the Dynamic Green Home

Andersen donated 100 Series windows to help the homes achieve Greenstar and Minnesota Green Communities certifications. Andersen employees have also given volunteer hours to support this program. Watch the Andersen Volunteer team install drain tile, 14 pallets of sod and plant a White Oak in under 2 minutes here:

There are now two Dynamic Green Homes completed, with one currently on the market. The Minnesota USGBC Chapter is now raising funds for the next home, and hopes to expand the program even further. Visit the Minnesota USGBC website to learn more about Dynamic Green Home, and how your own USGBC Chapter could replicate the program.


In Their Words: Matt Risinger’s “100 Series View” of How Andersen Windows Supports Building Science

Almost anyone designing, engineering and building homes has a longstanding interest, passion and understanding of how buildings work. Austin-TX-based custom builder Matt Risinger grew up watching episodes of “This Old House,” which sparked his decision to start learning about buildings from the ground up – the construction work needed to keep old row houses livable, the rapid-fire pace of large housing developers, and connecting with the artistry of Sears kit homes popular in the early 20th century.

Matt found his niche passion in building science with a 2002 mold crisis. Since then, he has explored – project by project – the different ways building science applies in the hot and humid climate of his adopted home-state of Texas, and sharing best practices and products along the way.

Andersen recently met with Matt at one of his most recent projects to discuss building science, and how Andersen 100 Series windows marry the best of design, materials engineering and building science to bring a product to homeowners that will last* and perform for years to come: watch it here.

For more on Matt’s thoughts of the 100 Series window, be sure and check out this product review on his blog.
*See the limited warranty for details.

Download a high-resolution version here.

In Their Words: How 100 Series Windows Helped Cityhomes Deliver on “Better is better” Credo

Many potential home buyers begin their home design process with castle-size dreams and soon learn their limited budget could turn the project into a nightmare. As designers and builders, the perennial challenge lies in delivering the dream through a realistic lens that keeps the customer happy and respects the budget parameters.

Jared Gossett and Matt Jones of Austin, TX-based Cityhomes embraced a post-recession credo of “better is better” to help their customers discover the improved quality of life found in functional, efficient, affordable design.

Every fit and finish counts, and each little touch adds up to a quality of life that is just as luxurious as the customer dreamed, in a smaller footprint that keeps the dream more affordable. They explain how in this video:

Visit our website to learn more about the 100 Series windows and doors.


Eco Village Named Best Affordable Project by Green Builder Magazine

In its annual Green Home of the Year awards, Green Builder Magazine named Eco Village in River Falls, Wis., the Best Affordable Project for 2014. The development will be one of the first Habitat for Humanity communities to incorporate on-site renewable energy options commonly associated with more expensive communities. This includes features like photo-voltaic arrays, super-insulated walls, and existing energy efficient window technology using Andersen® 400 Series products.

Eco Village homes – single family and duplex units – are designed with sustainable building principles, including:

  • Using less water through rain/storm water harvest applications (barrels/cisterns), landscaping and gardening.
  • Achieving carbon negative, net-zero energy use, by mounting photo-voltaic panels and solar hot-water arrays on roofs, and using existing energy efficient high-performance window technology.

The project broke ground in 2012, and Andersen has been proud to support Eco Village with in-kind donations as well as employee volunteer support. Andersen volunteers have logged more than 3,120 hours at Eco Village over the past 3 years.


Eco Village homes are ENERGY STAR 3.0 certified. The homes have Home Energy Rating System (HERS) scores of 33 to 39 without photovoltaic arrays and HERS scores of -5 to 14 with photovoltaics.

The development will be nearly complete by summer’s end 2015 when the last of the 18 houses are built. Plans are already underway for a second Eco Village development to break ground in Prescott, Wis., to include 35-40 homes.