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Helping Yellowstone Meet Energy Goals, One Window at a Time

Andersen has been a proud supporter, through the Yellowstone Park Foundation, of the Yellowstone Environmental Stewardship (Y.E.S.) Initiative. Since beginning this partnership, Andersen has provided financial and in-kind support for a variety of projects designed to help meet ambitious environmental management goals set by the park. Here are just a few examples.

A Warmer View from Lamar Buffalo Ranch

Through the Yellowstone Park Foundation, Andersen donated windows for the renovation of the 16 residential cabins at the Lamar Buffalo Ranch. Each renovation included replacing all the windows with new, energy-efficient Andersen windows, as well as upgrading the cabins’ insulation and installing programmable thermostats. Since the renovation, the cabins have shown an average of a 50 percent reduction in fuel usage per month from the same time last year. The windows not only help support the Yellowstone Environmental Stewardship Initiative, but also maintain the historic character of these unique cabins that are a popular stop for many park visitors.

Yellowstone lamar buffalo

Energy Performance Expected at Yellowstone Clinic renovation

One of three medical facilities located within Yellowstone, the Mammoth Hot Springs clinic is the only facility open year-round serving both park staff and any visitors. Mammoth was built in the 1960’s, so a number of improvements could help the facility operate more efficiently. Andersen donated E-Series windows for the building retrofit. The project team measured key energy data points before starting the retrofit, and will measure them again every 12 months to gauge the overall energy efficiency improvement.

mammoth clinic

State-of-the-art Employee Housing at Old Faithful

A new employee residence in the Old Faithful area has received a Platinum certification under the Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design (LEED) certification program with the U.S. Green Building Council. Employees will enjoy the benefits of living in state-of-the-art employee housing that used techniques and materials that support Yellowstone’s environmental mission. From modular construction techniques to Andersen 100 Series windows, every square inch of this new construction project was carefully considered to maximize the impact of the project on the park’s ambitious energy goals.

old faithful employee residence

While these are just a few examples, each project takes us collectively one step closer to ensuring the future of national parks will continue for generations to come.




Our Top Ten What-We-Can’t-Wait-for-at-Greenbuild 2015 List

Andersen proudly joined U.S. Green Building Council in 1997 as a founding member and has been attending Greenbuild since 2001. It’s our favorite show and we get more excited about it each year! Here are some of the reasons we can’t wait for Greenbuild this year:

  • Greenbuild 2015 Opening Plenary – What will it Take to Get Meaningful Action on Climate Change? James Cameron and Mika Brzezinski address the defining issue of our time, climate change, and its best offense – green buildings, green communities and strong leaders.
  • The Affordability Gap: Bringing Net Zero to the 99% – An education session highlighting Habitat for Humanity’s (HfH) award winning Eco Village. This community of 18 volunteer-built LEED Platinum homes boasts negative HERS ratings, net-zero energy, community gardens and much more. Andersen’s own Chairman, President & CEO, Jay Lund, joins HfH leaders in presenting details around this wonderful learning laboratory
  • 2015 Greenbuild Legacy Project – an urban food studio designed to catalyze the long-term vision of the Urban Food Garden. This collaborative project educates community members on food security, wellness, and the importance of healthy food, in addressing hunger and diet-related illnesses.
  • USGBC Volunteers!! Need we say more?
  • Women in Green Power Breakfast – This year exploring barriers and challenges around meaningful mentorships.
  • Social Media conversations  – Join us! #Greenbuild #NetZeroNow @AndersenCorp @AW_inournature @ElizaCClark
  • Our Booth 1637, and our other 800+ exhibitor friends!
  • Net Zero Energy Zone read about it here.
  • Pavilionsthe center hub of activity is the Expo Hall, from Wood Pavilion, Lighting Solutions, Technology and more!
  • Sustainability at Greenbuild – moving toward zero waste, sustainable sourcing, GHG emissions reductions and more here.
  • Bonus #11…YOU! None of this can happen without a strong, dedicated group of sustainability champions, so we’re excited to share ideas, celebrate and dream about the future with you.



Andersen Corporation and Habitat for Humanity Join Together to Build Generation Acres

Andersen Corporate Foundation was founded in 1941 with the mission to “better people’s lives and strengthen communities focusing primarily where Andersen employees live and work”. One of the five focus areas of Andersen Corporate Foundation is to provide funding to organizations that deliver affordable housing to low-income families. For more than 20 years, Andersen Corporation has partnered with Habitat for Humanity to build quality affordable homes for families across the country and around the world.


September 15 through 17, 75 Andersen employees joined together with Twin Cities Habitat for Humanity to volunteer at a multi-year housing project in Hugo, Minnesota. Andersen Corporation is donating all the windows and patio doors for the 33 Habitat for Humanity homes. In addition, Andersen Corporation donated $300,000 over three years to support construction of the Generation Acres neighborhood. The three days spent at the build site in Hugo, Minnesota gave employees at Andersen a chance to not only build homes, but to also build relationships with each other. Tasks included sheetrocking and installing Andersen 100 Series windows. By the end of the multi-year project, there will be a neighborhood of completed townhomes which will provide safe and affordable housing for approximately 175 individuals, including 100 children.


Mindy Sachs, Community Relations Specialist at Andersen Corporation says, “I’m proud to be an Andersen volunteer!” “There is gratitude in knowing that we are building homes that families will grow and thrive in for years to come.”

This project is one of the many Habitat for Humanity builds Andersen Corporation employees have participated in this year. Corporate citizenship is a value that Andersen honors deeply, and Habitat for Humanity embodies that mission. To learn more about Andersen Corporation’s partnership with Habitat for Humanity, click on this link:



Andersen Publishes First Environmental Product Declaration

Earlier this month, a collaborative group of fenestration industry companies released the industry’s Product Category Rule (PCR). Today, Andersen Corporation is proud to lead the fenestration industry as the company releases its first Environmental Product Declaration (EPD) for a Renewal by Andersen Double-Hung window.

Product Category Rules define the scope in which life cycle assessments (LCAs) and EPDs are conducted, and increase transparency about manufacturers’ efforts to reduce product environmental impacts in a manner that is consistent across companies. Green building certification systems, such as the Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) rating system, recognize and reward the use of products that have a published EPD. Andersen was honored to work alongside its peers for the past four years to develop this window PCR.

This first EPD from Andersen addresses the cradle-to-gate lifecycle impacts of its Renewal by Andersen Double-Hung window. The EPD is on UL Environment’s website. This window is made with Fibrex®, a pre-consumer recycled material made of up to 40% reclaimed wood fiber by weight.

“Publishing our first EPD is an important step in Andersen’s sustainability journey,” said Jim Weglewski, vice president of Sustainability. “Increasing product transparency supports our ongoing efforts to produce durable, energy-efficient products that help customers reduce energy consumption, lower utility costs and reduce greenhouse gas emissions.”

This increased product transparency also supports Andersen’s commitment to the Ceres Climate Declaration and its public sustainability goals to reduce operational water and energy use and waste by 20 percent, per unit of product, by 2020. Jointly, these efforts affirm the company’s ongoing work to drive sustainable improvements across its value chain – from the forest, to its operations, to customers’ homes.


U.S. Congresswoman Betty McCollum

Garofalo Center Hosts St. Croix Pollinator Press Conference

On Monday, August 31st, Xcel Energy and Andersen Corporation teamed together to host the Pollinator Press Conference in Bayport. More than 75 attendees gathered, including U.S. Representative Betty McCollum and Regional Director of the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service Tom Melius.


Regional director of U.S. Fish and Wildlife Foundation, Tom Melius, speaks about the importance of pollinators


The Pollinator Pledge is aimed to reverse the decline of pollinators on the St. Croix, including monarch butterflies, which help to pollinate many of our flowering plants and crops. More than 50 public and private organizations have signed the pledge. As a speaker at the event, McCollum remarked, “Together, we share this planet. What will happen here will be replicated throughout the United States”.

Attendees mingle outside Anderen Corporation's Garofalo Center

Attendees mingle outside Anderen Corporation’s Garofalo Center

Andersen Corporation’s main production facility sits along the banks of the St. Croix River, which is not only deemed a National Scenic Riverway, but is also a major corridor for pollinators.

Because of Andersen’s headquarters’ unique and fortunate proximity to this special riverway, the corporation has a duty to be responsible neighbors and good stewards of the environment. From the very beginning, Andersen’s founders knew this, and have incorporated Corporate Citizenship into our values. Collaborating with the National Park Service on the St. Croix Valley Pollinator Partnership is one way we live our values every day.

Pollinator Pledge on display

Pollinator Pledge on display

At Andersen, we understand that our success relies on the health and wellbeing of the environments supporting us, and that means keeping our pollinators happy!

For more information about the National Fish and Wildlife Foundation and the National Park Service, check out the sites below:

To learn more about the Pollinator Press Conference held on Monday, check out these articles:


Why Energy Star Matters: Innovating Environmental Change Since 1998

There’s no stronger supporter of the Energy Star program than Andersen Corporation. As the first Energy Star Partner of the Year in the window category, we understand why Energy Star matters.

The Energy Star brand offers a sense of awareness for the importance of energy efficiency and a sense of trust. The brand marks products as the gold standard so homeowners know it stands for trust, quality and integrity; when they see that blue logo, they see those qualities.


Sustainability is a core value here at Andersen. Our environmentally responsible manufacturing operations, sourcing practices, and products all showcase our commitment to energy efficiency, our consumers, and the world. We are constantly innovating our processes to reduce our impact on the environment, and we are proud of our long-standing partnership with a company that shares our values.

Beginning this month, we will be sharing helpful, informative facts and tips about Energy Star on this blog and our social media. Feature will include surprising ways to save money, spotlights on Energy Star certified products by Andersen, and tutorials on how to maximize energy efficiency in your home. This video offers a great overview of Andersen’s relationship with Energy Star.

Energy Star is a voluntary Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) program dedicated to improving energy efficiency and helping homeowners and businesses save money by doing so. Andersen has supported the Energy Star program and its mission since its inception in 1998, and we are excited to share all of the reasons using Energy Certified products can positively impact the environment, and your wallet!



Environmental Initiative Highlights Andersen as Member of the Month

Andersen is honored to be highlighted as the Member of the Month in July on Environmental Initiative’s website.

This nonprofit organization builds partnerships to develop creative, collaborative solutions to Minnesota’s environmental problems. Among the activities embraced by Environmental Initiative, the organization:

  • Plans and hosts events for environmental leaders from businesses, nonprofits, and government agencies to share information, network, and learn from one another.
  • Facilitates environmental policy conversations between diverse stakeholders.
  • Takes action and implements on the ground environmental projects to improve our air, land, and water.

AndersenCompostBlogAndersen is proud to have been a member of Environmental Initiative for nearly two decades. In that time, Andersen has been a longtime sponsor of their Business and Environment Series and leveraged the support of fellow member organizations to make our own programs, like our newly implemented composting program at our Corporate Administrative Offices, possible.

The summary can be found here.


Bringing Climate Solutions and Economic Opportunities Together


Wouldn’t it be great if we could reduce the greenhouse gas emissions thatMNEQBGraphic contribute to climate change and grow our economy at the same time? That’s precisely the goal of a recent initiative led by the Climate Subcommittee of the Minnesota Environmental Quality Board (EQB). Together with other state agencies, industries and citizens, the EQB is leading a collaboration called Climate Solutions and Economic Opportunities (CSEO).

Along with the Environmental Initiative, the board hopes Climate Solutions and Economic Opportunities will help engage stakeholders in discussions around options and strategies to reduce greenhouse gasses while growing our economy. The initial kickoff of the CSEO stakeholder engagement series was held last week at the Minnesota Science Museum in St. Paul. As part of this effort, informational events and working sessions are scheduled between now and February 2015.

These sessions will focus on an in depth analysis and evaluation of policy options across Minnesota’s economic sectors to help determine the greatest opportunities. These are the economic sectors being considered:

  • Agriculture
  • Forestry Management
  • Waste and Water
  • Land Use and Transportation
  • Energy Supply
  • Demand-Side Energy Efficiency


These working sessions and discussions will help inform decisions in the development of Minnesota’s roadmap for a low carbon economy. If you’d like to join the conversation, view the agenda and sign up here.


2013 Corporate Sustainability Report: A Window to a Better World

We’re proud to release our third annual Corporate Sustainability Report (CSR): A Window to a Better World. The CSR, highlights the long-standing values, commitments and practices that signify Andersen’s sustainability heritage.

We invite you to read our report  here and welcome your feedback!