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Nature Preservation Day at Andersen Corporation

Throughout May and June, 152 production and office employees from across the Andersen enterprise participated in the company’s 2016 Nature Preservation Day events.

This year’s events occurred at five different Andersen locations: Bayport, Cottage Grove, Dubuque, Menomonie and North Brunswick.

  • Bayport-area, Dubuque and Menomonie volunteers worked to clear invasive species such as buckthorn and garlic mustard, from local parks in their communities.
  • Cottage Grove volunteers planted native plants and grasses to attract pollinators and provide a place for grazers in the South Washington County Corridor.
  • North Brunswick volunteers participated in a beach clean-up to protect marine life and revitalize the beach .Employees planted 800 native plants and grasses, disposed of 39 bags of beach trash and removed 75 cubic yards of invasive species.

Andersen partnered with The Nature Conservancy, Great River Greening, NY/NJ Baykeeper, Lower Chippewa Invasives Partnership, the city of Hudson and the city of Menomonie to make these events possible. Our partners provided support and educated our employees on the importance of their efforts.

“Nature Preservation Day events provide our employees and opportunity to step outside their daily routine and connect with nature in a meaningful way,” said Annie Perkins, a Sustainability Analyst at Andersen Corporation. “Every day, many of us strive to reduce our environmental impacts, and these events enable us to see the importance of our efforts to the world in which we live”.

Our employees continue to make a difference, both at work and in their communities.



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