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Andersen Recognizes Colorado Dealer for Best Showroom Experience

Designing the ideal showroom experience for your customers means striking the right balance between offering up any information an architect or homeowner may need without overwhelming the customer to the point of “decision paralysis.”

That is why Andersen takes the time each year to single out a dealer that demonstrates vision and unparalleled excellence in showroom design that helps support the Andersen® brand.

At a recent event, Mountain View Window and Door was given the window company’s 2014 award for best showroom experience. Mountain View offers builders, remodelers and contractors in Denver and surrounding cities world-class, energy efficient Andersen products and outstanding service to their customers.

“We are fortunate to have an incredible network of outstanding dealers representing our brands,” said Sal Abbate, senior vice president, chief sales and marketing officer for Andersen. “The sales experience starts the moment the customer walks in the showroom, and Mountain View has demonstrated the importance of providing a truly innovative sales experience for their customers. Congratulations.”

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