Going for the Gold

Sustainability at Andersen means more than just caring the environment; it also means taking care of our own, personal health.

This year, we are introducing the Go Gold Fitness Challenge, a program meant to influence our employees and spouses on Andersen’s medical plan to resist winter hibernation and get their bodies moving.

This 42-day fitness challenge has been designed to keep us motivated and active during the winter months, teach us how to incorporate exercise into our daily routines and inspire us to make fitness a priority all year.

Each individual has the goal to accumulate at least 30 medals throughout the challenge by recording their daily exercise minutes. Depending on how long one exercises each day, they can receive one of three medals:

  • Bronze – for 30-44 minutes of exercise per day
  • Silver – for 45-59 minutes of exercise per day or…
  • Gold – for 60 or more minutes of exercise per day

Each time someone records his or her daily exercise they are able to move forward in the challenge. A little friendly competition is also being encouraged through the use of teams. These teams can have anywhere from four to six people and help to motivate individuals to push themselves further in their daily exercise routines.

A+ Health fleece blankets will be given as prizes to 25 random participants from the top 10 online teams.

How do you stay motivated to stay active in the winter? We’d love to hear in the comments below.

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