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Setting Goals That Matter: A Sustainability Toolkit

Environmental Initiative (EI) held its second of three Business and Environment Series meetings this week. Hosted by Thomson Reuters of Eagan, MN, this event proved to be a favorite as eager attendees filled the room. The topic – Setting Goals That Matter: A Sustainability Toolkit.

Seasoned sustainability experts shared tools they use to find clarity and focus in a world of complexity. As clarity emerges, it becomes easier to set meaningful goals and identify strategies, all creating value for an organization’s internal and external stakeholders. Chuck Bennett, retired VP of Earth and Community Care at Aveda, gave an overview of setting goals that matter. Jim Weglewski, VP of Quality, Sustainability and Facilities at Andersen Corporation, highlighted the skills and benefits of affinity mapping and Senior Manager Sustainability at TENNANT Company, Stan Mierzejewski, walked through assessing materiality using The Metrics Navigator tool™ offered by Global Environmental Management Initiative (GEMI). A sustainability specific twist to the traditional strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats tool — sSWOT — was presented by EI’s own Georgia Rubenstein. The sSWOT tool was developed by World Resources Institute and can found here. The final tool offered in the day’s hefty toolkit was that of Net Impact, showcased by advocate Darren McGann, Sustainability Manager at KPMG.

The morning was full of learning new tools, which have been proven to help users gain focus and traction along the sustainability journey. These tools help identify what’s material to an organization, in other words the common ground between things that matter and things that your organization can control. This area defined as material is precisely where the biggest gains towards a more sustainable business can be made. Visit EI’s website for more details on the toolkit you won’t want to live (and work) without!

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