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A Special Earth Day at Andersen

We had a very special Earth Day celebration this week. Employees were invited to listen and learn as Jim Weglewski, director of Corporate Quality and Sustainability, touched on some of our unique initiatives around sustainability. Weglewski also unveiled our second annual Corporate Sustainability Report.

However, the topic garnering the most interest and warming the hearts of employees was the introduction of our new feathery neighbors. Nestled high atop a sturdy white pine, located just steps from our manufacturing plant in Bayport, MN, sits the home of a majestic pair of American Bald Eagles – proud new parents of two fuzzy and rapidly growing eaglets.

A live web cam, available internally to employees, was launched at the Earth Day event. Now all employees can monitor daily activity within the nest and watch the eaglets grow!

A panel of raptor experts joined the event to introduce us to the new residents and help us learn to be good neighbors. Jennifer Vieth, executive director, Carpenter Nature Center, Andy Weaver, master licensed falconer and field biology teacher at Stillwater Area schools, and Jim Evanoff of Yellowstone National Park answered questions and educated us on what to expect from (and how to respect) our new friends. The experts explained that in choosing the location for their new home, the eagles are confirming the abundant food supply available in the St. Croix River – a few flaps away. Once a new nest is established with the birth of eaglets, chances are good they will return year after year, sometimes for decades. Eagles’ nests can be active for 25 to 30 years.

One parent tends the nest and eaglets as the other continuously searches for food and sticks to add to their already large nest. While finishing this post, the streaming cam showed the returning eagle bearing fish for the young. Two fuzzy heads popped up above the ridge of the nest, eager to gobble the goods.

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  1. Holly Molinari
    Holly Molinari says:

    I visited the plant last week with Window Classics out of Sarasota, Florida. I tried 3 times to catch a glimpse of the eaglets but to no avail. Came to your site today to spec windows for a client and was so glad to get to see them here.
    Thank you to all involved for my wonderful visit. Your windows have improved to a point where we are now happy to spec them for our million dollar + homes!

    • inournature
      inournature says:

      Thanks for the note Holly! The activity in the nest is lively and so fun to watch, sorry you missed them in person. Thank you for following our blog and for your kind words. Super happy to hear the windows are working out well and you’re specing in some nice homes!!! Come back and visit us anytime!!

  2. inournature
    inournature says:

    Thank you Pat! We think it’s pretty cool too! At this point the cam is for internal use only. Thank you for your reply!


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