Energy Makeover for Non-Profit Includes Efficient Window Replacement

Located in the heart of the Energy Innovation Corridor, the Lao Family Community Center welcomes their new, energy efficient windows. A joint collaboration between Xcel Energy and Eureka Recycling set out to improve the non-profit’s overall building efficiency. An energy audit conducted last year identified areas for improvement.

With donations from Flannery Construction and Andersen Windows, Lao Family can now enjoy the comforts of consistent indoor temperature and excellent visibility as well as cost savings. The old windows acted as conduits between the building’s interior and the outside air temperature. The community resource room was cold and drafty in the winter and hot in the summer. Plastic lined the interior of the windows in hopes to curtail the transfer of heat.  Andersen donated eleven windows, mulled together making two large combination units. These include operable casements allowing for natural ventilation. 

As the Energy Innovation Corridor strives to improve efforts in alternative and renewable energy, addressing the issues of climate change, Andersen Corporation is grateful for the opportunity to help Lao Family, Xcel Energy and Eureka Recycling in these efforts.

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